Goal Bank


Goals for cognition/Goals to target FIM areas 


-functional working memory

-delayed recall

-recall general information regarding care

-carryout precautions/techniques/strategies

-recall events from past days

-immediate recall tasks

-recall personal information


-attend to functional tasks in (mild or mod) distractions

-switch attention between routine tasks

-alternate attention between tasks

-attend to (left or right) with all tasks

-attend to functional reading/writing task

-carryout simultaneous (simple or routine) tasks

-recognize problems in environment

-attend to environmental barriers


-carryout ADLs/IADLs in sequence

-complete verbal sequencing tasks

-complete visual sequencing tasks

-complete simple sorting tasks

Problem solving:

-safe problem solving with ADLs

-appropriate decision making with functional tasks/ADLs

-Identify problem in environment or picture card

-Provide appropriate solution to problem

-Alternate solution to problem

– Provide simple logical reasoning to problem

-Identify areas of deficit

Social interaction:

-decrease number of redirections to task

-tolerate therapy session

Reading comprehension:

-Identify shapes/letters

-match shapes/letters

-Identify letters/words

-Identify personal information

-Read simple phrases/sentences

-Read short paragraphs

-Read instructions

-Read short story

-Complex reading tasks

Numerical reasoning:

-Identify coins when given choices

-Identify coins on command

-Identify time when given choices

-Identify time on command

-Count simple coin totals

-Simple time telling

-Basic money mangement

-Functional time manipulation

-Simple time forward/backward

-Check writing

Written expression:

-Copy shapes/letters

-write personal information

-Writing for functional forms

Auditory comprehension:

-Comprehend functional instructions

-Comprehend personal questions

-Comprehend routine questions/conversation

-Comprehend complex running discourse

-Participate in complex topic of conversation

Verbal expression:

-Clearly verbalize ADL needs

-Indicate needs/wants with gestures/pictures

-Indicate needs and wants verbally

Goals for Dysarthria 

– lingual/labial/buccal oral motor exercises to increase range of motion/strength

-imitate oral movements

-Imitate consonant/vowel sequences

-Participate in exercises for breath support and breath coordination

-Increase percent intelligible in words/phrases/sentences

-Increase percent intelligible in running discourse

Goals for Apraxia 

-Imitate vowels

-Imitate consonant-vowel sequences

-Imitate words/phrases

-Imitate sentences

Goals for Aphasia 

Auditory comprehension goals 

-answer personal yes/no questions

-answer non personal yes/no questions

-follow one-step directions

-follow multi-step directions

-Identify pictures/objects by name (with increasing visual field)

-participate in simple to more complex discourse

Verbal expression goals

-participate in pre-speech tasks (humming/coughing/throat clearing)

-imitate CV sequences

-perform automatic language tasks (counting/days of the week/months of the year/singing)

-perform sentence completion tasks

-perform confrontational naming tasks

-generate sentences

-define/describe pictures/objects

-perform category naming tasks

-participate in simple to more complex discourse

Reading comprehension 

-match shapes/letters/objects

-Identify shapes/letters/numbers

-read personal information

-read words/phrases/sentences

Written expression

-draw lines/shapes/letters

-write name

-write personal information

-Write words/phrases/sentences

-generate a short a message

Goals for Dysphagia

-tolerate oral stimulation

-perform swallows (#+) on command

-tolerate secretions

-tolerate upgraded trials of solid (puree/moist minced/minced/soft small cubed/cubed/regular)

-tolerate upgraded trials of liquid (puree/honey/nectar/thin)

-tolerate straw

-tolerate upgraded trial of bread (soft bread/hard bread/all bread)